5 common coaching needs

Dr. Cory Middleton provides 12-month leadership coaching to help high potential leaders across multiple industries
to maximize themselves, their teams and their business.

Meeting regularly, you will assess your current environment, build a game plan, and develop key skills to execute your plan. As a trusted advisor, Dr. Cory will help you build periods of consistent results.

Leaders often seek executive coaching for some of the reasons below.


Build a comprehensive plan to achieve results. Prioritise and plan the way you execute. Keep you on-track and accountable to your plan.


Gain control over your inner confidence. Develop a believable plan for your work. Be supported through week-to-week situations.


Understand the psychology of key relationships. Build influential messages that influence people. Communicate with impact.


Set yourself up for success. Build a 90-day transition plan. Produce value early. Produce value regularly. Stay focused on executing brilliantly.


Understand what shapes others perceptions of you. Set personal brand goals. Discover practical activities that help reset your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Cory is based in the Sydney CBD, although all face-to-face coaching occurs either at your office space or an agreed upon café nearby. For those who are interstate or international, your coaching will be by phone or skype, with face-to-face sessions planned when we know we will be in the same city.

In your first coaching session we will do a history-intake, understand your psychological drivers, and set agreed coaching goals. These coaching goals form the backbone of all our future sessions, where we work at executing these goals and delivering the agreed outcomes. Whilst we work towards these goals, there is also the flexibility to ‘play what is in front of us’, meaning we will adjust the focus of the session if there is something more pressing or urgent that we need to deal with.

Dr. Cory offers 12-month coaching memberships ranging from weekly to fortnightly, to monthly. Obviously the more frequent your coaching, the better your results. The greater majority of Dr. Cory’s coaching clients are on a fortnightly basis.

Please see 12-month-coaching memberships here>>.

In your first session, Dr. Cory will work with you to agree on the specific results to be achieved. In coaching, ultimately it is your ability to continuously and relentlessly execute the plans that will determine the speed and size of your results. Dr. Cory stays laser-focused on helping you stay connected to your success plans. Even at a session by session basis, Dr. Cory will agree with you at the start of each session what results you will achieve in that session. Dr. Cory retains many long-term coaching clients as a result of his clients consistent ability to deliver valuable results.

Dr. Cory completed a PhD on Mental Toughness – covering topics such as your motivation, confidence, coping and stress management, time efficiency, resilience, and daily disciplines.

Dr. Cory is trained professionally in advanced communication and the psychology of influence. You will be able to work on personal brand, presentation skills, and developing powerful and effective messaging.

Dr. Cory applies Gottman Method Couple Therapy techniques. This is the leading method for making relationships work. You will be able to work on improving all kinds of relationships benefiting from the Gottman approach.

Dr. Cory has 14 years consulting experience in leadership and sales. You will be able to develop clever strategies that will build successful results.

Dr. Cory is a registered psychologist, and is professionally bound by rules of confidentiality. All conversations had in coaching (whether face-to-face or by email/phone) will be treated as confidential unless otherwise agreed.

Dr. Cory will guide you through a step-by-step success plan to help you define your career goals, plan and refine your strategy, build relationships quickly and position yourself for success. If you have recently taken on a new role, or are considering starting a new role, executive coaching is a great way to help you achieve success. Often when taking on a new role, there is a lot to think about and to digest, executive coaching helps you stay focused on a strategic plan top build high levels of success.

Learn strategies & disciplines to win new business & grow your sales pipeline. Topics that could be included in your sales coaching are: ways to build self-confidence in pressured sales environments, develop a point of difference, write an inspiring persona business plan, presentation and pitching skills, develop powerful and persuasive messages, effective meeting set-ups, market analysis, effective targeting, account management, retention, closing techniques, negation skills, daily and weekly sales disciplines.

Executive coaching can help you breakthrough self-doubt & anxiety. Dr. Cory Middleton draws on the science of Self-Concept, Self Worth, Performance Anxiety and Mental Toughness to help you FEEL CONFIDENT again. Your coaching will take you through:

Step 1: Discover your ‘Primary Question’ – what you search for to feel a sense of self-worth & confidence

Step 2: Learn how you adjust the focus of your Primary Question to activate confidence & personal strength

Step 3: Establish daily habits that build your ‘Confidence Bank Account’

Step 4: Performance rituals for confidence

Having trouble finding motivation? Dr. Cory Middleton understands what makes people tick, will help you find your drivers, and will coach you to remain focused and disciplined in the pursuit of your potential. GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE

Step 1: Dr. Cory Middleton will help you understand the forces that shape your unconscious mind

Step 2: Set inspiring goals. An emotionally compelling vision of how you want things to be

Step 3: Learn how to breakthrough energy levels and discipline to build a consistent HUNGER, DRIVE and PASSION

Dr. Cory can guide you through a 90-Day Stress Reduction Program. Executive coaching is highly personal, and so the exact program of activity will always be matched to the type of stress you are experiencing. As an example. Some topics that can be covered included: Understand your stress, identify triggers (and their antidotes), improving sleep quality, regaining your sense of control, improve your ability to let go, healthy & unhealthy coping strategies, planning and goals.

Marriage Coaching for busy professionals. Using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Dr. Cory Middleton will coach you to understand the dynamics of your relationship. You will learn practical strategies that build connection, love and intimacy. You will also learn how to keep conflict discussion calm and productive, leading you to make gains in your relationship rather than creating scars.

Step 1: Assess individual and relationship patterns

Step 2: Discover each others ‘Primary Question’ for enhanced connection, love and intimacy

Step 3: Establish daily and weekly rituals of connection

Step 4: Develop effective ways to manage conflict discussions