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Dr. Cory Middleton is a mental toughness expert, speaker and mindset coach (Performance Psychologist) providing performance enhancement workshops, high performance coaching, webinars and virtual facilitation - all in service of helping you Activate Your A-Game throughout COVID-19 and beyond.


The Head-Talk program helps your team understand the narrative they bring to surviving and thriving, in their work and in their personal well-being, during these COVID-19 times. Specifically built to deliver virtually, through webinar sessions, to small or large groups. The content elevates the conversation to go beyond the fundamentals of resilience, to help teams build superior mental resources to outperform the market. Connect with Dr Cory Middleton today to have a conversation about the head-talk of your team.


Who could you be with a coach? Dr. Cory Middleton draws on the psychological insights of mental toughness, self-worth and communication preferences to help you breakthrough to outstanding results. Get unstuck from personality traits that hold you back. Build a laser-like focus on a winning game plan. Execute on your ambitions and achieve outstanding results.


The Fortius-Mindset Method of building mental toughness for business teams is the result of over two decades of research on performance stability and high performance working groups, the work of Dr Cory Middleton. This research relied on intensive, detailed, and scientific study of humans performing throughout stressful and challenging times, producing a data-driven framework that describes why people succeed or fail under pressure.


Disrupt Old-Thinking – Inspire New-Thinking

  • Get unstuck from attitudes that hold back progress
  • Create aligned & winning expectations
  • Boost energy to drive results
  • Engage individuals to step-up and own their attitude
  • Breakthrough blockages in belief
  • Build confidence in your vision

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