Dr. Cory Middleton

Dr. Cory Middleton is a mental toughness expert, speaker and mindset coach (Performance Psychologist) providing performance enhancement workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you Activate Your A-Game. Cory helps teams and individuals get unstuck - activating personal strengths, increasing mental agility and toughness, whilst building the determination, focus and confidence needed to accelerate results.

Formally at the Australian Institute of Sport (Performance Psychology), Cory completed ground breaking PhD research into the identification and development MENTAL TOUGHNESS. He reviewed over 70 years of resilience research that included examples from military, emergency services, survivors of abuse and neglect, and rehabilitation from trauma and injury. Next he worked closely with 33 World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists, identifying their pattern of thinking.

Today, Dr. Cory applies the science of achievement with your self-worth drivers and business coaching to help you achieve the results you deserve.

The types of assignments Cory is currently working on include: culture change programs, 'Activate Your A-Game' team interventions, leadership programs, organisational change, positive psychology self-awareness programs, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership capability and effectiveness, mental toughness development, self-worth for leaders, and health assessments and wellness programs.

About the Talent Development Academy

Every day, all around the Asia-Pacific region, TDA is at work helping our customers take on the toughest challenges. TDA works on the things that ‘Activate Your A-Game’ and delivers results. Culture, beliefs, attitudes, behaviour, leadership, high performing teams, high performing individuals. TDA is a Premium Coaching service to help you cut through complexity and produce the results you deserve.


Dr Cory Middleton works with leaders and teams who want to focus on real scenarios they face in their business week after week. The approach blends development with real-work challenges. You will focus your efforts in building strategy, engagement and capability all in the context of solving some of your greatest challenges.

Program: Activate Your A-Game (4 hour, 1-day or 2-day program) is a

Program: Resilience Track is a 12-month blended mindset, wellness, business culture and performance recovery program for intact teams. The program provides leaders with a way to rebound in incremental steps. It provides teams with conversations, tools and strategies to be deployed at each phase of the rebuild. As leaders and teams begin to take stock post COVID-19, finding strategic clarity and renewed confidence will be essential. Undoubtedly, the recovery process will involve helping people make a meaningful shift from a state of fear, anxiety and worry to a state of calmness, focus and hunger to lean into the rebuild. This psychological and emotive shift needs a structured approach, one that walks with them through the journey of recovery. The 12-month blended learning experience that Resilience Track provides gives teams the right skills at the right times

Program: Leaders Finding their A-Game is a 12-month, blended learning program to help leadership develop themselves in service of executing your growth goals 'brilliantly.'  The program is for businesses who want their leaders to have a greater appreciation of the impact of their decisions and actions on both culture and the flow of business. This program can be scaled up or down to suit the development needs of leaders at every level within your business.

Program: Strategy on a Page is 2-day facilitated program to help a group 1) write their own team strategy, and 2) align their strategy with other leaders in the group. The output is your leaders having their strategy aligned and mapped out on a page, including:

  • Tactical goal setting\
  • Motivating leaders and teams
  • Executing planned activities
  • Re-building business confidence.

The Strategy-on-a-Page program should be an integral part of any planning where change and refocusing is required. This extends across periodic planning, (annually, quarterly and business milestones), new commercial initiatives (markets, categories, product launches etc) and structural change (organisational, departments, teams).