Speaking Topics

This is by far Dr. Cory’s most popular talk, in which he engages the audience in an inspiring conversation about their A-Game and the psychological forces that shape it. Drawing on his PhD research into Mental Toughness, Dr. Cory shares inspiring insights into the self-belief and focus of world champion athletes. Audiences immediately see the links to their personal perspective and their overall attitude in work. In going through this active and experiential process, the audience learns quickly about the power of choice – choice of perspective, choice of attitude, and choice of disciplined action (or inaction). Whether it is confidence, motivation or resilience your team need, this keynote dispels the victim-mentality and empowers your audience to believe they can choose great thinking going forward.

This keynote is fun, active, experiential, inspiring and uplifting

This keynote gives teams a boost in their thinking, helping them discover the 5 pillars that will shape their path to recovery and beyond:

1. A strong motivational compass – inspiring audiences with the mission ahead, helping them to visualise success

2. Inner confidence – letting go of worry and uncertainty, removing unconscious bias, to activate inner strength 

3. Emotional intelligence – practical strategies to manage self and others through common reactions to change

4. Attentional Control – helping audiences avoid distraction and stay focused on what matters most for the rebuild

5. Self-discipline – helping audiences commit to powerful daily disciplines that will shape their speed of recovery

Dr. Cory will shares practical strategies for building the 5 pillars of Resilience Track.

This keynote is inspiring, practical and helps teams rebuild their confidence

In a time where business and life moves faster than ever, this keynote helps audiences understand and commit to proactive goal-setting for personal development. This session acknowledges that whilst life can be fairly unpredictable, and it is common to feel incredibly time-poor, there are real benefits to becoming a prolific goal setter.

The audience will have some fun setting genuinely inspiring life goals together.

The audience will learn how goal-setters outperform non-goal setters every day of the week, not just at their annual reviews.

The audience will learn ways to create personal development goals that matter

This keynote inspires your audience to become goal-setters