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Dr. Cory Middleton’s Original Mental Toughness Test

Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

In 2008 I completed PhD research into the identification and development of MENTAL TOUGHNESS. I reviewed over 70 years of resilience research that included examples from military, emergency services, survivors of abuse and neglect, and rehabilitation from trauma and injury. Next I worked closely with 33 World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists, identifying their pattern of thinking. What emerged was a model of mental toughness in action.

I applied these mental toughness attributes in business environments by developing the Fortius-Mindset framework you can see to the right. The framework is underpinned by 4 dominant quadrants – Motivation, Self-belief, Coping skills & Focus.

The Fortius-Mindset Assessment is designed to:

  • Provide individuals with a snap shot of their underlying mental toughness drivers,
  • Show how these mental toughness drivers play out to effect performance,
  • Provide practical development activities for any area of focus

The Fortius-Mindset Assessment has now been used in coaching and leadership programs for over 10 years, across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United Kingdom, and United States of America. It is an easy assessment to complete and provides quick and meaningful results that support leaders in their development.

Why Mental Toughness?

The year has 2020 brought about a rapidly changing world of business, with increasing demands on employees. These pressures and changes take their toll - on mental health, physical well-being, but also business agility & performance.

The path back to recovery requires mentally tough leaders and teams, capable of doing the much-needed heavy lifting to rebuild sales pipelines, reactivate operations, and find business confidence. Helping leaders and teams find their mental toughness helps the following challenges:

  • Ongoing uncertainty in the market
  • Customer conversations about spending
  • Employee anxiety and reduced motivation
  • Panic and job insecurity
  • Maintaining accountability - helping people stick to numbers that seem unachievable
  • Overwhelming number of fires to put out, whilst expected to strategically work on the future of the business
  • Having authentic and yet challenging conversations with clients and with internal staff
  • Changing expectations about ways of working
  • Leaders may have a loss of confidence within themselves
  • Managing the sheer volume of heavy lifting that will be required (whilst avoiding burnout)
  • Fighting fires at work and at home

At a time like this, mental toughness could be the difference.

Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond

After COVID-19, are leaders and their people capable of keeping up and executing the rebuild required? Can leaders find the confidence to make decisions quickly, successfully navigating between appropriate levels of risk and reward? Are teams capable of maintaining high levels of engagement and quality execution despite the rapidly changing environment and the financial pressures? Will the sheer volume of work to be done cause some level of anxiety in individuals, holding them back from being able to work at their full potential? What we are likely to witness is that the single biggest limiting factor for organisational recovery is the leaders and their teams’ ability to mentally and physically keep up and continually deliver round after round of rebuilding – internally and externally.

Inability to manage workplace stressors and work/life balance will cause employees to neglect their health. Many organisations attempt to meet this challenge with wellness programs, gym memberships and flexible working arrangements. Despite these efforts, employee stress, work-life balance and mental health will remain key issues facing the future at work.

The business case for the development of MENTAL TOUGHNESS has never been stronger. Mental toughness is the activating ingredient in human performance – a role widely recognized by performance psychologists worldwide.

Global Mental Toughness Partners


Dr. Cory Middleton is a mental toughness expert, speaker and mindset coach (Performance Psychologist) providing performance enhancement workshops and one-on-one coaching to help you Activate Your A-Game. Cory helps teams and individuals get unstuck - activating personal strengths, increasing mental agility and toughness, whilst building the determination, focus and confidence needed to accelerate results.

Formally at the Australian Institute of Sport (Performance Psychology), Cory completed ground breaking PhD research into the identification and development MENTAL TOUGHNESS. He reviewed over 70 years of resilience research that included examples from military, emergency services, survivors of abuse and neglect, and rehabilitation from trauma and injury. Next he worked closely with 33 World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists, identifying their pattern of thinking. 

Today, Dr. Cory applies the science of achievement with your self-worth drivers and business coaching to help you achieve the results you deserve.

New Zealand

JAPAD help businesses and people achieve exceptional things. We do this through consulting, coaching, facilitation and professional development in the following 4 areas: 1. Sales Transformation (Sales strategy, knowledge, skills, mindset and discipline that helps sales leaders and teams exceed targets.) ; 2. Leadership & Management (Developing the strengths and behaviour leaders need to get the best out of their teams.); 3. Mindset & Culture (Fostering an agile and resilient workforce.); and, 4. Vision & Strategy (Developing and implementing organisational vision and strategy that enables business success). 

Europe, North America & Asia

Arcadia is a professional services consultancy specialising in sustainable behavioural and cultural change. As ‘Architects of Change’ Arcadia design and deliver innovative culture and capability strategies. Arcadia use the latest research from the intersection of neuroscience, anthropology and psychology to build creative and impactful solutions, using disruptive forms of delivery & mediums that help drive results in today’s world with the latest multimedia, applications and eLearning.


United Arab Emirates

People-Centric focus on delivering unique brain friendly learning and development solutions which transform people and organisations, create high performance environments, boost performance and ultimately improve the bottom line. All programmes are designed and delivered to Make a Difference!  People-Centric are a team of highly passionate and qualified learning and development professionals with a proven industry experience in: Finance, Government, Energy, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Technology, Retail and Shipping (cargo).


A-Game Mindset Assessment®

Dr. Cory Middleton ’s Advanced Mindset Assessment for High Potentials

Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

The A-Game Mindset Assessment is a detailed and comprehensive assessment for those seeking high performance.

The assessment provides a COMPLETE picture of you – not just your mindset at work. Many leadership assessments focus on office-based behaviour and attitude, without understanding you as a full person (including your personal life circumstances). However, your working life and your personal life circumstances are very highly related. I am sure you have experienced times when stress at work impacted you in your home environment. Equally, I am sure you have had stress at home that has impacted your mindset at work. Knowing how your motivations and self-confidence combine across your full life picture gives you an advantage when it comes to developing yourself.

The A-Game Mindset framework assesses 5 pillars of mindset, across 4 life domain areas.

Please see the A-Game Mindset framework below


Your results are analysed by:

1) Life Domain Area

  • Career (Motivation, Beliefs, EQ, Attention, Disciplines)
  • Health (Motivation, Beliefs, EQ, Attention, Disciplines)
  • Relationships (Motivation, Beliefs, EQ, Attention, Disciplines)
  • Finances (Motivation, Beliefs, EQ, Attention, Disciplines)

2) Mindset Pillar

  • Motivational Compass (Career, Health, Relationships, Finances)
  • Belief System (Career, Health, Relationships, Finances)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Career, Health, Relationships, Finances)
  • Attentional Control (Career, Health, Relationships, Finances)
  • Daily Disciplines (Career, Health, Relationships, Finances)

3) Energy & Drive

  • Highest Energy & Drive Scores (Your Booster Scores)
  • Lowest Energy & Drive Scores (Possible detractors)

4) Self-Management

  • Highest Self-Management Scores
  • Lowest Self-Management Scores

5) Specific Mindset Patterns

  • Rejection Sensitive Mindset
  • Perfectionist Mindset
  • Pressure Cooker Mindset
  • Anxious-Worrier Mindset
  • Irritable Mindset
  • Self-critical Mindset
  • Controlling Mindset


A-Game Health Assessment®

60-Minute Corporate Health & Wellness Assessment

Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

Whilst we all know the importance of our health, achieving good health can have significantly different meanings from person to person. Some common examples of what good health can mean include:

  • maintaining good health is a way of life, a weekly habit that provides good energy and a positive outlook
  • maintaining good health is about maintaining your physical appearance
  • maintaining good health is about good mental health
  • maintaining good health is about reducing stress
  • maintaining good health is about avoiding illness or feeling unwell
  • maintaining good health is about staying injury free or pain free

Whatever the significance of health to you, there is value in assessing your current state. Understanding your current state, as well as the linkages between your physical and emotional states, helps you introduce small habits to your weekly routine that can make a big difference.