Activate Your A-Game®

Dr. Cory Middleton’s Ultimate Mindset & Culture Workshop Experience

Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

I wanted to share with you a little background about the ‘Activate your A-Game’ workshop experience. This program brings together over 20 years of experience working with elite performers, researching exceptional performers and assessing people performing (including a PhD on Mental Toughness at the Australian Institute of Sport). What becomes very clear working in this environment is that there are clear and consistent patterns that separate those who excel compared to those who struggle. I’m talking about patterns of belief, patterns of motivation, ways of dealing with difficulty, and good old-fashioned disciplines practiced daily. The great news is that a high performing mindset is not complicated to understand and can be achieved with training.

The ‘Activate your A-Game’ is not a standard, one-size-fits-all ‘resilience’ workshop. Instead, the A-Game workshop gets results because it uncovers memorable insights about your teams personal story, inspiring team members to want to lift for their true A-Game. Participants find the A-Game strategies incredibly influential in the way they approach their own work.

This workshop experience gives you the confidence and focus to take your game to the next level. What could you achieve if your team delivered A-Game results?

What to Expect?

There is nothing conventional about this workshop.

No boring notes, no death by power-point, no hyped-up psycho-babble.

The workshop is highly experiential, using the fullness of the space we have available.

Team members begin by discussing and understanding the mindset challenge of their current work circumstances.

Next we apply the most meaningful A-Game strategies to help the team shift their thinking and their behaviour.

The workshop strategically builds in memorable moments that stick back in the office.

Workshop Flow

The ‘Activate your A-Game’ workshop experience can be delivered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Keynote experience
  • 2-hour team workshop
  • ½ Day team workshop
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • 2 Day Workshop
  • 3 Day intensive workshop

Dr. Cory will always work with you before your team session to understand the dynamics of your current team environment. With this in mind, Dr. Cory incorporates the most meaningful strategies into your workshop. The more time you have, the more A-Game strategies can be included in your session.

The overall flow begins by engaging the audience with an insightful look at the way their mindset and behaviour are linked in their current circumstances. The team describes themselves at their best and at their worst, whilst drawing out the personal triggers that send them to their best or worst. It is at this point where we aim to create a fundamental shift in the way we think about the problem, empowering the team with a sense of purpose and control over their immediate future. As a team, we double-down on this new found energy and discuss practical, proven strategies to be used in the situation they are confronted with at present. The whole workshop experience is dynamic yet authentic. Inspiring moments backed-up with practical strategies to improve mindset and results.

What Participants Say


Your Wellness, Your Way

Boost your team's motivation for their own personal wellness

Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

When we think about promoting wellness there are a bunch of well-known, scientifically proven strategies that improve physical and mental health. The science is pretty clear about what to eat, how much to move, how to get a better nights sleep, how to reduce personal stress, how to be more grateful and increase mindfulness. Whilst the strategies for boosting personal wellness are common, actually motivating individuals to follow through on making real lifestyle changes is less common. Every person in your team is starting from a different starting point, and carries different sets of personal values about health and wellbeing. Not every strategy is the best strategy for every employee.  This is why this wellness program is called "Your Wellness, Your Way" - because your people need to connect to a personal plan that will work for them. This workshop aims to make a meaningful shift in personal wellness lifestyle habits.

In this 1-day workshop your team will build their very own personal wellness plans. Whilst they will hear motivating information about physical and mental health, they will ultimately get to build their own set of commitments.  They pick and choose from the strategies presented and build their own realistic plan of activity.

The 'Your Wellness, Your Way' program covers the following areas;

  • Building a strong motivational compass (What is their wellness vision and why is it important to them?)
  • Inspiring beliefs & confidence (Building deeper and more inspiring beliefs about actively working towards physical health, reduced stress, greater levels of positivity and confidence, reduced burnout)
  • Emotional intelligence (effectively manage personal drivers that can sometimes get in the way of making real progress towards health)
  • Attentional control (How to actively stay focused on your health activities and choices on a daily, weekly and monthly basis)
  • Powerful wellness disciplines (In physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management, relationship skills, )

Key outcomes for this program include:

  1. Acknowledge ownership of your own wellness (and the invisible-cycle of poor health)
  2. Effectively re-focus and prioritise on wellness building activity
  3. Motivation mastery. Learn how to build and sustain continuous motivation for your wellness (even with relapse)
  4. Build healthy personal relationships, creating more supportive and stress reducing support mechanisms.
  5. Time-management. Make decisions about how to 'fit wellness' into their already busy lives
  6. Communication effectiveness. Effective meetings, emails, conversations, presentations.
  7. Mindfully connect to a more positive and healthy self-worth, one that inspires you to live life in more positive ways.
  8. Maintaining a healthy balance between the work, family and personal/individual recovery
  9. Renewed focus and energy on personal wellness goals that will support heavy workloads
  10. Practical wellness strategies that can be applied immediately! (Fell the difference within 2 weeks).

I'd be delighted to walk you through what we could achieve with your specific team. Get in touch and let's talk about wellness. 

Add-on Individual Health Assessments

The ‘Resilience Track’ program is delivered over 12-months, through group workshop, small group coaching, 1:1 support and virtual webinars. The below diagram maps out the key phases teams must navigate to recovery to full capacity and beyond. 

    Have a conversation with Dr Cory today.

    Discuss how to support your team through to full-work, full-performance.


    The 'Head-Talk' Webinar

    Support your people, gain control and clarity, master your inner head-talk 

    Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

    The Head-Talk program helps your team understand the narrative they bring to surviving and thriving, in their work and in their personal well-being, during these COVID-19 times. This session has specifically been built to deliver virtually, through webinar sessions, to small or large groups. The content aims to elevate the conversation to go beyond the fundamentals of resilience, to help teams build superior mental resources to outperform the market. Connect with Dr Cory Middleton today to have a conversation about the head-talk of your team.

    The Head-Talk program is delivered as:

    • a 1 hour team building webinar event
    • a 2 hour interactive team coaching session
    • a series of 3 x 90-minute team coaching sessions for leadership teams

    The content can be varied in discussion with Dr Cory Middleton before the session. Cory will speak with you before the session to understand the specific 'talk' that may be going on in the heads of your people. The session is then shaped to unpack that narrative that needs to be discussed with your team. Some examples of common points of focus during COVID-19 include:

    • Tactical Goal Setting - Respond to new market conditions & limitations. Build 30-day / 60-day / 90-day action plans. Remain tightly focused on top priorities. Build momentum and sense of progress.
    • Motivating leaders and teams - Manage personal and team anxiety. Inspire the troops to march together, potentially like they never have before, in pursuit of meaningful steps to full recovery and beyond. Inspire a time of greatness!
    • Personal resilience and mental wellness - Inspire your team with practical ways to be deliberate in training your mind and body for resilience. Understand how your daily actions (or lack thereof) leave an imprint on your soul. Learn how to lift from a mentality of surviving to one of thriving.  
    • Re-building business confidence - Understand how trust and confidence can be built with your people and your clients. Help team members really 'see each other' and their needs. Learn how to renew shared goals with clients. 

    Have a conversation with Dr Cory today.
    Discuss how to support your team through to full-work, full-performance.


    Quick Message from Dr. Cory:

    The Fortius-Mindset Method of building mental toughness for business teams is the result of over two decades of research on performance stability and high performance working groups, the work of Dr Cory Middleton. This research relied on intensive, detailed, and scientific study of humans performing throughout stressful and challenging times, producing a data-driven framework that describes why people succeed or fail under pressure.

    The Fortius-Mindset Method helps business teams do four things:

    • Mater Motivation: Become better friends with what motivates you. Discover how to set a direction that matters. Learn to find motivation in pursuing complete mastery as a worthy goal in itself. Understand how to feel genuinely motivated, even through tough times.   
    • Build Belief: Their is power in certainty. Yet we live in very uncertain times. Learn how to train your mind for great confidence, belief in potential, and overall mental strength. Control the narrative that feeds your inner belief. Succeed where others fail.
    • Activate Emotional intelligence: Improve the way you handle conflict, change and pressure. Learn how having a healthy empathy for others and a healthy empathy for the self can help you lift out of anxiety, to act with purpose, control and clarity. Train your response pattern for intelligent performances.
    • Optimise their focus and concentration: Improve alignment between what you focus on and what is important for performance. Learn to master the art of presence and 'holding time and space' for high performance moments.

    Fortius-Mindset Method: Program Flow

    The ‘5-Month Mentoring Program’ includes an intake assessment and interview, followed by 4 x 90-minute webinar workshops.

    • Pre-program assessment: Participants complete the Fortius-Mindset Online Assessment.
    • Pre-program interview and assessment debrief: 60-Minute 1 to 1 interview and debrief of the Fortius-Mindset Development Report

    • Workshop 1 (Month 2): Master Motivation
    • Workshop 2 (Month 3): Build Belief
    • Workshop 3 (Month 4): Activate Emotional Intelligence
      • Workshop 4 (Month 5): Optimise Focus

      Why Mental Toughness?

      The year has 2020 brought about a rapidly changing world of business, with increasing demands on employees. These pressures and changes take their toll - on mental health, physical well-being, but also business agility & performance.

      The path back to recovery requires mentally tough leaders and teams, capable of doing the much-needed heavy lifting to rebuild sales pipelines, reactivate operations, and find business confidence. Helping leaders and teams find their mental toughness helps the following challenges:

      • Ongoing uncertainty in the market
      • Customer conversations about spending
      • Employee anxiety and reduced motivation
      • Panic and job insecurity
      • Maintaining accountability - helping people stick to numbers that seem unachievable
      • Overwhelming number of fires to put out, whilst expected to strategically work on the future of the business
      • Having authentic and yet challenging conversations with clients and with internal staff
      • Changing expectations about ways of working
      • Leaders may have a loss of confidence within themselves
      • Managing the sheer volume of heavy lifting that will be required (whilst avoiding burnout)
      • Fighting fires at work and at home
      • At a time like this, mental toughness could be the difference.

      Responding to COVID-19 and Beyond

      After COVID-19, are leaders and their people capable of keeping up and executing the rebuild required? Can leaders find the confidence to make decisions quickly, successfully navigating between appropriate levels of risk and reward? Are teams capable of maintaining high levels of engagement and quality execution despite the rapidly changing environment and the financial pressures? Will the sheer volume of work to be done cause some level of anxiety in individuals, holding them back from being able to work at their full potential? What we are likely to witness is that the single biggest limiting factor for organisational recovery is the leaders and their teams’ ability to mentally and physically keep up and continually deliver round after round of rebuilding – internally and externally.

      Inability to manage workplace stressors and work/life balance will cause employees to neglect their health. Many organisations attempt to meet this challenge with wellness programs, gym memberships and flexible working arrangements. Despite these efforts, employee stress, work-life balance and mental health will remain key issues facing the future at work.

      The business case for the development of MENTAL TOUGHNESS has never been stronger. Mental toughness is the activating ingredient in human performance – a role widely recognized by performance psychologists worldwide.

      Key 'Fortius-Mindset Method' Components

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      Discuss how to support your leaders and grow your level of business results.